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IGSR Conducted Well-planned Fire Drill in Tank Area

2018/12/27 9:48:18

In order to further improve the emergency response ability of the employees, recently, IGSR organized an emergency plan drill against tank leakage accident. The drill fully simulated the actual combat, and the teams started the rescue, evacuation, leak stoppage, firefighting, first aid and other procedures in an orderly and tense manner. Fixed water guns and fire trucks etc. were fully used to cool the tank. The drill task was successfully completed. Regarding the drill IGSR also specifically invited the fire brigade of the park to participate in, and exercised the ability of the internal rescue teams to cooperate with the fire brigade. The Safety Supervision Department of NCIP fully affirmed our company's drill, at the same time, it’s requested that we need further strengthen the staff training, and effectively enhance all the employees’ safety awareness and emergency handling ability.