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IGSR Organized Flower Arranging Activity to Celebrate Women's Day on March 8th

2019/3/15 16:34:57

To welcome and commemorate the International Women's Day, in the afternoon of March 8th IGSR invited a professional florist to organize a flower arranging art training activity for the female employees of the company. On the site of the activity, the flower art teacher first introduced the origin and development of flower arranging art, and gave a live explanation and demonstration of the basic principles and patterns of flower arranging. Subsequently, under the guidance of the teacher, the female employees pruned the branches, arranged the flowers and coordinated the gradation. Together explored the essentials and skills of flower arrangement, and feel the art and beauty of flower arrangement. The activity site is fragrant and spring is in the air. Looking at the flower arrangement works made by ourselves, everyone's faces are filled with happy smiles.


This activity not only exercised the hands-on ability and creativity of the female employees, but also alleviated the fatigue and pressure of their daily work and life, and cultivated their sentiments. Taking this flower arrangement activity, IGSR expresses festival wishes to every female employee. Thank everyone for your efforts and achievements in the development of the company, and wish you all a colorful life like flowers, blooming your unique charm.