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IGSR was Appraised as an 2018 Advanced Unit of Safety Production in Jiangbei New Area

2019/5/29 14:31:00

At the summary and commendation meeting of safety production in Jiangbei New Area, it was delighted that IGSR was appraised as one of 2018 advanced units of safety production in Jiangbei New Area in 2018.


In 2018, through the effective implementation of process safety management (PSM), dual prevention mechanism, safety grading control and hidden troubles investigation and management, the company actively promoted its safety management level to a new level and ensures that the company is always in a safe and stable operation state. Next step, IGSR will continue strengthening and improving HSE management system construction, enhancing the intrinsic safety of the plant, so as to provide a solid guarantee for the healthy and stable development of the company.