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IGSR Organized Emergency Drill of Ammonia Leakage

2019/6/26 15:20:06

In order to absorb the lessons learned from the explosion accident of Xiangshui 3.21 in Yancheng and to improve our emergency handling ability against dangerous chemicals leakage accidents, recently IGSR held the "Emergency Drill of Ammonia Leakage for Safety Production ".


The drill simulated a sudden leakage of liquid ammonia when the operator on duty patrolled the refrigeration unit. After the on-site confirmation of the shift leader, the Company emergency plan was started urgently and organized the on-site rescue. The drill goal was successfully completed. After the drill finished, each emergency team made a self-summary. The Company leaders made a detailed comment on the drill, affirmed the emergency disposal ability of employees in each department, and also put forward the suggestions for improvement. This drill examined the Company's employees' understanding about emergency plans and implementation procedures and the practical operation skills, and also further trained and improved the professional quality and ability of the emergency response personnel, laying a solid foundation for guaranteeing the Company's safe production.