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IGSR receives the observation and learning from NCIP enterprises on PSM construction work

2019/7/30 14:33:35

Recently, the Safety Supervision Bureau of Jiangbei New District, Nanjing City organized more than 20 people, including some of the principals and safety management personnel of hazardous chemical production enterprises, to observe and learn the demonstration work of PSM process safety management system construction in IGSR.


Cui lei, safety director of IGSR, introduced the basic situation of the enterprise and the development of the establishment of "PSM" demonstration site of hazardous chemical production enterprise, and answered questions of some enterprises on the spot. After the visit, the Safety Supervision Bureau organized the visiting and learning personnel to have a discussion in the conference room of the company. The participants had an in-depth discussion and experience exchange on how to carry out PSM construction. IGSR will continue to follow high standards, deepen the establishment of PSM work, and strive to become a benchmark enterprise for safety in the park.