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IGSR Held 2019 Commendation Ceremony & Gathering to Greet 2020 Spring Festival

2020/1/17 10:26:28

       On 10th January, IGSR organized the 2019 Commendation Meeting and Gathering to Greet 2020 Spring Festival, which the Company leaders, commended personnel and staff representatives of all departments attended. Mr. Li Yousong, Senior Vice President of GPRO group and other leaders attended the meeting. In the meeting the achievements achieved in 2019 were summarized, and the main objectives and tasks of 2020 were defined. Meanwhile, the Excellent Employees, Proactive Individuals and Safety Pacesetters who made outstanding achievements in the production and business in 2019 were commended, by which call on all employees to follow the example of advanced people, be dedicated to their work, forge ahead with determination, and achieve better results. After the commendation meeting, the staff compiled their own performances and organized a splendid group gathering program with a warm atmosphere of joy.


        2020 is the end year of the National 13 Five-year Plan and also the key year for the development of IGSR. Under the correct leadership of the board of directors, all employees of the Company will unite, work hard, seize every minute, and jointly compose a new chapter for the development of IGSR!